As a Freelancer I do not own any of the footage I shoot for the good folks at Disney Nature, The BBC et al however you can view a few clips on the links below. Footage marked * is entirely my own, in italics include some presenting & the remainder are a mix of both mine and others material. Most of the African Cats clips can be viewed at 1080p for best resolution.

Selous giraffe

Winterwatch 2016
The Hunt 2015
Life Story 2014
Autumnwatch 2014 
Enchanted Kingdom – trailer
Bears – 2nd Trailer
Bears – 1st trailer
Springwatch 2014
African Cats – trailer
North America – trailer

Sita cobwebs dawn

Earth Unplugged – life through a lens
The Dark, nature’s nighttime world
Planet Earth Live
Power of Nature (non UK only)