Stills Photography

In the dark

Humboldt penguins peering from under a rockThe BBC Natural History Unit are making a new series The Dark using military night filming technology to look at nocturnal creatures. The project, promises to bring viewers “an exciting new perspective on the nocturnal activities of animals,” with the NHU crew “wading through piranha-filled rivers, braving shark-infested waters and squeezing into the narrowest, snake-ridden caves.” So far…

  • Piranha filled rivers: check
  • Shark infested waters: next shoot
  • Snake ridden caves; nope but would a vampire bat one suffice?

…and blissful Humboldt penguins, stuck on the rocks until their moult is over, unable to feed until new feather come in. They look rather sorry for themselves with little baggy stomachs and disheveled black tie.