You’re allowed 18kg…

Heading off on a shoot usually entails packing a ridiculous amount of clothing and kit, with weather, insects, landscape or sometimes all three being flung into the mix. I’ve discovered a few things (Please note that they weren’t free or aware that I’m mentioning their products) that make my life a little easier whilst away from the creature comforts of home.

  • Altberg boots, green ones pictured after a battering in Peru – a recent discovery, they’re fantastic, lightweight & breezed through flooded forest, the Atacama desert & Costa Rica. Awesome boots.
  • Coffee – and the most portable, easy & affordable option is The Aeropress – not glamorous but clever!
  • Marmite – cannot/will not travel without it.
  • Marmite: Cannot will not travel without it!

    Marmite: Cannot will not travel without it!

  • Swarovski binoculars – I remember buying my first pair, SLC 8×30’s, and they were amazing, I’ve been hooked ever since. Binoculars are such an important piece of kit when working in wildlife filmmaking and you have to have the best.
  • Travel pillow – squashes to nothing and means I can have a little bit of luxury in a tent or on a plane.
  • iphone (with good noise cancelling headphones) stuffed full of music, audio books, podcasts & most importantly pics of home.
  • BuckTool – loads of different multitools, bought this one for all the wrong reasons i.e; it was in MOMA in NYC, I thought it looked cool & actually (bar the absence of a cork screw) it’s a grand old knife.chosen purely as my surname was once Buck
  • Headtorch – always packed in hand luggage, invariably lost & found later hence I must have a good half dozen but vital for rummaging around in bags, cleaning cameras or changing tyres.
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