It has been such an incredible privilege to film lions in The Mara over the past six months. As film crews we rarely get to spend a concentrated period of time with one species and so to get to know one family, The Marsh Pride, has been a joy.

Yesterday we heard some devastating news from the crew in Kenya, they had found some of pride poisoned and critically ill.

The BBC have published an article reporting the facts, photographers Jonnie and Angie Scott have posted on their website page and many others are in uproar about this tragic loss of wild life.

Bibi, like any animal, deserved a natural death. Born in 2002 she had reached an extraordinary age for a wild lion and a true character. We have reports that other lions maybe dead and one of the youngest cubs, Alan* pictured here, is reported to be sick and it’s not known if he’ll recover.

*Tragically Alan was euthanised on Wednesday the 9th of December, the entire crew are devastated at the loss & destruction of this pride.

We can only hope that the Marsh Pride’s tragedy will enable a change in policy helping everyone in the area from Conservancies, herders and the wildlife to live and prosper alongside each other peacefully.