Having a chance to film wildlife in the UK is something to be grabbed and so when BBC’s Winterwatch asked me to do another piece I chose The Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland. We wanted to feel the full force of winter and this stunning UNESCO World heritage site managed by The National Trust was top of my list being right on the wild North Atlantic Ocean.

Giant's Causeway view from the cliff edgeIt didn’t disappoint despite having the mildest weather for two of our three shooting days – not so wintery until the wind blew and then we understood its ferocity. Watching the fulmars balancing on a gale, a wind so strong I could barely stand was an absolute joy. Their wee tail feathers ruffled and wings trimming constantly making adjustments so they didn’t get slammed into the cliff faces – just beautiful. The Causeway itself was a surprise, smaller than I’d imagined (my favourite quote heard over the few days we were there was “I still think i prefer the Hoover Dam”) but even more magical. It’s easy to believe in theGiant's Causeway 1 myths of Finn McCool and his shenanigans. If you’re ever in that part of the world do go, and if you go in Winter and get there at dawn you can have the whole place to yourself as well as some epic seascapes!