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Planet Earth Live

After a couple of years working away from Africa it was a treat to get back to the Masai Mara and film lions again for BBC1’s Planet Earth Live.

Moja and his Mum were extraordinary cats – Field Assistant Dave Breed spotted a good story as soon as he saw them. Lone lionesses have hard lives living on the outskirts of other lions territories, in a sort of no lion’s land and Moja’s Mum despite being on her own excelled. In the month that we were there we saw her hunt effectively – no energy was wasted on missed chases, she ambushed warthogs at their dens waiting patiently for hours. In fact she was so patient that on a few occasions we thought she’d done a runner! She was vigilant, strong and an exceptionally attentive mother. I can only hope that we’ll be sent out for an update in a few months time!

Dave Breed, Sophie Darlington, Chris Brennan, Tash Breed and Ian Llewellyn

It was a proper privilege to work with her and the amazing lion crew, camera drivers and field assistants Tash and Dave Breed, cameraman Ian Llewellyn, spotters Chris Brennan, Towet, Kowetch and Enos who had ‘macho kali’ – fierce eyes and were wonderful company.