Clips & Footage

As a Freelancer Sophie does not own any of the footage she shoot for the good folks at Disney Nature, The BBC et al however you can view a few clips on the links below. Footage marked * is entirely Sophie’s work, in italics include some presenting & the remainder are a mix of both hers and others material. Most of the African Cats clips can be viewed at 1080p for best resolution.

Our Planet II on Netflix from June 2023 from Silverback Films.

Dynasties II, 2022, for BBC One | Cheetah Episode

The Mating Game, 2021, for BBC One | Freshwater Episode

Perfect Planet, 2021, for BBC One & Discovery+ | Gibbons in Vietnam, The Sun & Christmas Island Red Crabs.

Sophie Darlington discusses the impact of dams & agriculture on the Great Ruaha River

Sophie Darlington & Hossein Amini Talk Wildlife Documentaries & Writing Dialogue

Netflix, Our Planet trailer Feb 2019

Disney Nature’s forthcoming feature ‘Penguins’ April 17th 2019

Dynasties, Lion. Red attacked by pack of hyenas, BBC Earth

Dynasties trailer, BBC Earth

Cheetah clocked at 55mph!

The Enchanted Kingdom

Disney’s “Bears” (Trailer #1)

Disney’s “Bears” (Trailer #2)

Disney’s “African Cats” (Trailer)

African Morning *

Chase a Dog *

Never get fresh with an ostrich *

Hunters being Hunted

Cheetah Hunting

Making of African Cats

North America (Trailer)

Making of “North America”

Lions Through a Lens

Planet Earth Live – Richard Hammond

BBC Newsround

BBC – Power of Nature