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  • Winner Wildscreen Dolby Cinematography Award 2020
  • Winner Emmy Outstanding Documentary or Nonfiction series 2019
  • Winner, GTC Award for Excellence 2019
  • Winner, Wildscreen Panasonic Cinematography Award, Large Crew
  • Winner, BAFTA: 2016 Best Photography Factual
  • Winner GTC Award for Excellence 2016
  • Runner up, Televisual Awards, Cinematography 2016
  • Winner: 2015 Televisual Award for Cinematography 2015.
  • Nominated for BAFTA and Royal Television Society awards for Cinematography
  • Nominated Cinematography, Large crew. Wildscreen 2016
  • Winner; 2014 Environmental Media Awards, Best feature.
  • Nominated Cinematography, Large crew. Wildscreen 2016
  • Winner; Special Jury prize. Nominated for Best Theatrical Release and for Cinematography. Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival, 2011.
  • Winner RTS-West Award 2013, Cinematography.
  • Winner Best Theatrical release & nominated for Best Cinematography at Wildscreen 2012.
  • Best series nominee Wildscreen 2014.
  • 3D Award Wildscreen 2014.
  • Winner US international film & video ‘gold camera’ award. 2001.
  • Winner: Footage Merit Award, USA Wildlife Film Fest, Asia/Oceana Award
  • Japan Wildlife Festival Wildlife Prize
  • French Wildlife Festival
  • Stelvio National Park Award, Sondrio Festival, Italy.
  • Nominated Cinematography category, Wildscreen 1996.

‘Breathtakingly exciting’, this natural history series, narrated by David Attenborough, is beautiful and dramatic

Benji Wilson, The Telegraph

“Sophie is one of the great undiscovered talents of wildlife film making. Fine tuning her skills in the Serengeti , many of us never had an opportunity to see the results of her extraordinary work. One of the great pleasure of working on Disney Nature’s African Cats was to realise what an amazing eye Sophie has for a beautiful image.She really is a unique talent”.

Alastair Fothergill, Director, Silverback Films Ltd

“Spectacle, excitement and the thrill of the chase. The first of the David Attenborough-narrated wildlife series shows how tough it is for predators to land a kill. It’s tense, emotional and beautifully filmed.”

Benji Wilson, The Telegraph

“Glorious wildlife footage” (Disney Nature, Bears)”

Variety Magazine

“Director Keith Scholey and co-director Alastair Fothergill, along with cinematographers Owen Newman and Sophie Darlington, have crafted a visually and aurally stunning film.” (Disney Nature’s ‘African Cats’)

Los Angeles Times

“The film is a cornucopia of gorgeous imagery” (Disney Nature’s ‘African Cats’)

The Village Voice

“Astounding wildlife footage” (Disney Nature’s ‘African Cats’)

Variety Magazine

“In this Disney wildlife adventure, the cinematography and editing are as superb as the film’s feline stars are photogenic and heroic… Scholey and his main camera operators, Owen Newman and Sophie Darlington, get astonishingly close to their characters so the film can be cut together for high drama and action” (Disney Nature’s ‘African Cats’)

Hollywood Reporter

“Hats off to the camera operators who have captured some astonishing wildlife imagery” (Disney Nature’s ‘African Cats’)

Time Out, London

“With her amazing ability to anticipate and follow animal behaviour, combined with the best sense of composition and use of light I know,  Sophie Darlington just has to be one of the very best in the wildlife business”.

Keith Scholey, Director, Silverback Films Ltd

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