DisneyNature, Bears.


For two summers in 2013-14 Sophie went to Alaska to help film The DisneyNature Feature Film ‘Bears’.

Autumnwatch, BBC.

Sophie’s Geese


Sophie Darlington’s lyrical portrait of Strangford Lough and the charismatic Brent geese which return from the Arctic every year.

The Hunt, BBC One, Nowhere to Hide.

Fast food


Different times of year offer different opportunities for the cheetah. Hunting wildebeest calves is a fleeting opportunity that they must take advantage of.




Winterwatch is on BBC2 this week (Jan 29th to 1st Feb 2018) ...
Busy, busy, busy

Busy, busy, busy

No complaints but have had no time to post at all due ...
Incoming, Richard Mosse

Incoming, Richard Mosse

Bear with me as this started quite a while ago, in 2013, ...
Sammy Munene, naturalist, guide, filming driver - wildlife whisperer!

Sammy Munene, naturalist, guide, filming driver – wildlife whisperer!

Sometimes, actually almost always, we get to work with the most amazing ...
Wildscreen 2016

Wildscreen 2016

As a wildlife filmmaker it’s traditional to miss almost everything of cultural importance ...
The Hunt, BBC America 3rd July

The Hunt, BBC America 3rd July

BBC America’s first major natural history series, The Hunt, will premiere Sunday at ...
BAFTA 2016

BAFTA 2016

Wonderful to be a part of the team that won Best Photography ...
Winterwatch - Giant's Causeway

Winterwatch – Giant’s Causeway

Having a chance to film wildlife in the UK is something to ...

What people say

“director Keith Scholey and co-director Alastair Fothergill, along with cinematographers Owen Newman and Sophie Darlington, have crafted a visually and aurally stunning film.”

Los Angeles Times on ‘African Cats’ 2011

“Astounding wildlife footage “African Cats”

Variety on ‘African Cats’ 2011

“the film is a cornucopia of gorgeous imagery”

Village Voice on ‘African Cats’ 2011

“In this Disney wildlife adventure, the cinematography and editing are as superb … Owen Newman and Sophie Darlington, get astonishingly close to their characters so the film can be cut together for high drama and action.”

Hollywood Reporter on ‘African Cats’ 2011

“Sophie is one of the great undiscovered talents of wildlife film making. Fine tuning her skills in the Serengeti , many of us never had an opportunity to see the results of her extraordinary work. One of the great pleasure of working on Disney Nature’s African Cats was to realise what an amazing eye Sophie has for a beautiful image. She really is a unique talent.”

Alastair Fothergill, Executive Producer, BBC Frozen Planet.

“With her amazing ability to anticipate and follow animal behaviour, combined with the best sense of composition and use of light I know,  Sophie Darlington just has to be one of the very best in the wildlife business.”

Keith Scholey, Director, African Cats.

“beautiful to behold”

– Olly Richards - http://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/african_cats/reviews/#