Our Planet went live globally to 190 countries on April 5th, and as usual I missed it! Of course I’d rather be off filming but it was a real bonus to have sketchy internet and be able to get a feel for the series release and how it was being received.

It’s properly great that Netflix are commissioning their own wildlife content and that Our Planet website concentrates on the issues of climate change, most folk understand that this has to be addressed now and anything that can help spread that message is a good thing. (go Extinction Rebellion btw!) The partnership with Netflix and WWF is also timely, viewers can watch, hopefully be inspired and then see how to do something.I’m going to stop doing this post now and actually watch the series, I’ve heard there’s some amazing sequences in all the shows which is not a massive surprise, Silverback have a crack team.

There are heaps of interviews with all the crew online, here’s one where I blather on, Huffington Post and a snippet from behind the scenes on the Freshwater episode, the importance of flow! Behind the scenes in Ruaha