2018 has been a blur of Vietnam, Kenya, Svalbard, Canada and Ireland for various projects, only one of which has actually been broadcast – Nature Live for RTE. Described as a Eurovision for nature it was a delight & even though I grew up there it’s the first time I’ve ever filmed in The Republic. I got to work with resident wildlife cameraman Theo Jebb who kindly showed me some of his favourite spots, he’s got a project coming out shortly & I’ll let everyone know when as it’s sure to be a belter. None of the rest of the projects can be seen anytime soon which is always frustrating but these series take an immense amount of time, the filming often being the least lengthy element of it.

And Finally, I noticed that I should freshen up my old and very clunky website; the very helpful Stuart Noton at Business Vitamins has sorted it right out and I’d love to hear what you think!