Stills Photography

Dawn and so to sleep

Spending the night maneuvering around a 1×1.2m baking tray, aka filming platform, might not sound like fun but (after several nights tied to a tree 30 odd metres above the forest floor) I loved the last stint. Costa Rica’s Corvado National Park (compared with flooded forests) was mosquito minimal and a joy.

The nights were relatively peaceful but at dawn a wave of howler monkey calls rippled across the ridges to the East. Spider monkeys swung past on their way to fruiting trees, followed by Parrots, Scarlet Macaws and a scouting white faced Capuchin monkey, lovely Chris Howard took this shot of me taking it all in just after the sun rose, a proper ‘moment’.

Corcovado National Park, Costa Rica

Night wasps resting during the day

Once down the tree and back at camp (trying to grab a few hours sleep during the day) a nest of night wasps show the absolute beauty of communal living and how the experts get some proper zz’s.