BBC America’s first major natural history series, The Hunt, will premiere Sunday at 9/8c.

Through character driven stories, The Hunt illustrates in dramatic detail the strategies predators use to catch their prey (and those that the prey use to escape), with each episode centering on one of our planet’s key habitats. From open grasslands and dense forests to the arctic and the open ocean, the cutting-edge, seven-part series features rarely seen wildlife and animal behavior — revealing like never before the challenges that predators and prey face in each of these vastly different worlds.

Narrated by famed naturalist Sir David Attenborough, the new series comes from multi-Emmy®-winning executive producer Alastair Fothergill (The Blue PlanetFrozen Planet) and series producer Huw Cordey (South PacificFrozen Planet) — the makers of the landmark series Planet Earth, which captivated audiences around the world in over 130 countries.

“What I hope will become apparent is this: predators usually fail. People don’t realize how hard it is. We want the audience to engage in this real-life drama, where there are no heroes or villains. The point is, you never know if they will succeed: in the hunt, the outcome is never certain,” said Alastair Fothergill, Executive Producer of The Hunt.

I had the great pleasure of working on six of the major sequences for award winning series The Hunt, Macaques in Thailand, Wolves in Ethiopia, Bear & Wolves in Alaska, Cheetah in Kenya, Lions in Namibia and Orca in Argentina. Honestly how lucky am I to witness and record life on this incredible earth of ours.Sophie Darlington, Thailand, The Hunt copyright Alex Page